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Free Technology for Schools is a blog for teachers to share what they know about creatively using free technology to help students learn. Some of you may work in schools with huge budgets who buy expensive virtual learning environments and some of you may be in schools that are strapped for cash and you have to use every free tool available. Whatever kind of school you work in, I'm sure you use at least one piece of free technology from time to time. In the ever changing technology landscape, it is hard to find out about amazing new technologies and how they can be used. I hope that if people share what they know on this blog, it will be easier for teachers to discover new free technologies and learn how to use them.

Who started this blog?

My name is Jonny Liddell and I am a teacher of Physics and a Deputy Headteacher in an international school in Italy. I started off my career in the state sector in London before moving to Tokyo where I worked as an Assistant Headteacher at the British School. Working at the British School was where I first discovered Google apps and used it to create a virtual learning environment. That was 4 years ago and they are still using it today. It was this experience that made me realise the potential for schools who want to utilise free technology and I have to admit, it has become a bit of an obsession!  I am absolutely passionate about the use of technology in education, especially when it is free!
Feel free to contact me any time or contribute to this blog through the "submit a post" page. I would love to hear feedback about how you have used free technology in your school. If you want to get in touch please leave your details on the contact page. Enjoy the blog!

Please note, all the views expressed by me on this blog are my own and not the view of my employer.

You will notice that there are some adsense links and one amazon affiliate link on this blog. These have not been added to make a significant amount of money, but rather to cover running costs and provide a small reward for the time invested in providing tips to the educational community. This website is not directly endorsed by any technology firms and if that ever changes, I will tell you here.

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  1. Hi Jonny,

    I'm Quim, 4 months ago I was a Math teacher in Barcelona and now I started a project called EDpuzzle. We basically enable teachers to make any video their lesson.
    I've been talking with David Kapuler and he strongly recommended that I talked with you. I would love to hear your opinion about edpuzzle.com. My personal email is [email protected]

    Looking forward to it.