Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Are you a mentor?

This is a guest post by Dubier, an international school teacher in Sweden. It was originally posted here. 

Many times when you work at a school as a teacher, you will usually also be a mentor for a couple of students in a class.. It is usually quite stressful to keep up with the administrative tasks you have as a mentor.

Therefore is useful to use a tool to facilitate your work. The app I would recommend is Teacher assistant pro. It is available for iphone, ipad and Mac. It will also come out for Android. Teacher assistant pro allows you to keep track of your students in a very efficient way. I use it to keep track of my mentor students’ behavior. I like it very much when you can pre-install certain behaviors and with a few quick keystrokes, you have entered a particular student’s behavior. You can also add parents phone numbers and e-mail addresses and then, through the app, you can either call the parent or send a quick email. You can also sort the behaviors by color labels and points Isn’t that great? However, what I miss about this app is the sync ability to sync between iPhone and iPad or Mac. But otherwise, this app is the one I use the most in my role as a mentor.

Note to readers. This is about a paid app so is not free technology but I have allowed it because there is a free lite version. This is not an endorsement of this product by Free Tech for Schools. If we ever get paid to endorse products we will tell you.


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