Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I have recently been exploring MentorMob and have blogged about it.  It's been getting a lot of press lately on Twitter and is one of the better sites to come around for education in a long time.  At it's heart I'd say MM is a site for curating the web but there is much more to it then just that.

Whats to like:

  • Playlists - This is what MentorMob is all about, the creation of playlists.  These playlists are created by entering a URL of a site.  A thumbnail gets added as well as summary, skill level, and type of site it is (article or video).
  • Skill Level - This is great for educators as they can set their playlists to beginner, intermediate, or advanced.  This is an ideal way to build up a skill or teach a unit in a systematic way.
  • Community - A great way to see other playlists that are being created, what needs help on, and how to collaborate w/ others.
  • Sharing - A finished list can be shared w/ others via a link and even embedded and best of all is what a finished playlist looks like.
  • Moderation - A user can set their playlist to public/private to control who can view it.  Also, they can set it so others can only view it or edit it as well, and more...
A finished playlist is where MentorMob really shines and separates it from other web curators.  A person can go through a playlist step by step and check off what they know.  After they have learned a certain skill, completed a successful unit etc, they can move on to the next.

Below is my sample playlist for 21st Century Learning...

Create your own Playlist on MentorMob!

Finally, there is something known as MentorMob Pro account which is ideal for educators.  Where educators can build their playlist and bulk upload students/users in seconds.  Also, a pro account has access to real-time graphs which show exactly which playlist they are learning and on which step they are on.

I highly highly recommend checking out MentorMob by clicking here!!!!

This is a guest post by David Kaluper. Ed Tech blogger, consultant, professional development and tech integration specialist with 14+ yrs in K-12 schools. This article was originally posted here.


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