Sunday, May 5, 2013

The use of IT

This is a guest post by Dubier, an international school teacher in Sweden. Originally posted at

I have been lucky to work at a school that has given me the opportunity to use IT products to develop my teaching. My school has contributed an iMac and an Apple TV . I have a private iPad and Macbook pro that I use as well. As I wrote in my documentation of My flip a few months ago, the iMac was only used when students did not have access to the internet at home. They used it to listen to audio files and also to watch the vodcasts. The beauty of having an Apple TV in the classroom is that you can easily connect it to a projector which in turn is connected wirelessly to the iMac. This was awfully handy if there were more in the class who had not had the internet at home or something else had happened so that they could not see the vodcasts. They could then sit together in front of the projector screen and take notes, while the others were working with the exercises that they needed to finish. Obviously this was not optimal and doesn’t exactly follow the Flip concept, but as a teacher it is important to be flexible and be prepared for all kinds of obstacles that can get in the way. More info about apple tv you can find at

I have also used the ipad to connect to Apple TV many times. I used it the most as whiteboard. It happens some times that the students have the same questions and I have to explain the same thing for several students during the same lesson. Instead of wasting time explaining to every student separately, I connect the ipad to the projector through the Apple TV and answered the questions immediately. A small mini-review you might say. The Whiteboard app that I use is Doceri ( Try it out and tell me later what you think. There are many different apps available but Doceri is the app I think is most comfortable to write with.


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