Monday, March 11, 2013

Using Google Apps as a Free LMS

Here is the first ever collaborative post on Free Technology for Schools by John from New Zealand. He is trying to build a Google apps Learning community on Google+.

A group of 217 educators have formed a community on Google+ around the idea of crowd sourcing our own learning materials for Using Google Apps as a Free Learning Management System. If you have knowledge in this area, or would like to gain knowledge in this area, please come join the group:

Learning units may take the form of Google form checklists with SlideSpeech tutorials, which look (and sound) like this:

John, PhD Student, AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand


John Graves says:

Make that 225 members one day later ... now we just need to turn this "m" into some "p" and "q", as explained fully in the paper linked from this post:

"p" is the proportion of members who have experience collaborating

"q" is the inclination of previous collaborators to collaborate again

John Graves says:

SlideSpeech also allows you to use your own voice. It just takes longer.

Human voice

Computer voice

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