Sunday, March 17, 2013

Common Core Standard for Phonetics

Here is a guest post from Tom Zurinskas, creator of Truespel Phonetics.

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Under "language" in the Common Core comes the teaching of "phonetics" for K and 1st grade, and none after that. But the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) uses special symbols and is not English or keyboard friendly. (See for Common Core English Lit standards K-6)

Instead, what should be used to teach phonetics for the 40 sounds of US English is truespel phonetics. It is the only phonetic notation that is close to regular English spelling as possible and with a stress rule so it is an actual dictionary pronunciation guide. It has been added to the VOA Simplified English dictionary (see

Once taught, truespel's phonemic awareness application remains, and can integrate reading instruction with ESL, dictionaries and translation guides. This simple solution thus can be a revolution proving that simpler is better. Note that truespel is also available free on the internet. (See tutorials at 

Now it's time that a simple phonetics is needed to standardized phonetics. Truespel is the way to go. Note that Korean high school students prefer truespel over other notations for learning US English pronunciation. Also note that truespel is the basis of a suggested phonetic change to Korean spelling. This is world first for phonetic notations.


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