Monday, September 16, 2013

Share resources quickly and easily

Taught it is a great new site for sharing any resource quickly and easily. Without signing up you can share resources with the click of a button. Once you upload your resource, it provides a link and QR code for sharing the resource which are both active for 48 hours.

If you choose to sign up to the site, you can save your shared files, extend the duration of the links and make connections with other people sharing resources. Signing up is quick and easy too.
Taught it is another tool I highly recommend to encourage the less tech savvy teachers in your school to give using technology a go. The site provides links to files so short that a teacher could even get their students to write it down in their planner to access a resource for homework.

One thing this resource has got me thinking about is differentiation. We constantly talk about differentiating our lessons to provide access to all of our students, yet when it comes to technology, schools often expect teachers to fit into a one size fits all approach, normally using the expensive software solution the school has paid for. I wonder how much more technophobic teachers would use technology if schools adopted a differentiated approach and helped teachers use the most effective tools based on their skill level.


Jason Orbaugh says:

"...when it comes to technology, schools often expect teachers to fit into a one size fits all approach"

I believe this comment is spot on. Teachers, like students, represent learners with different needs, be it motivations or expectations from technology. I've spent the past 7 years working with K-12 teachers and administrators to support technology adoption and without question the one-size-fits-all approach fails every time.

Would you agree or disagree? I'd love to hear other comments.

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