Sunday, August 4, 2013

The joys of seeing an ex-student succeed.

I received a message from an ex-student, Marco, a few weeks ago asking me to check out his new app. I was pleasantly surprised as my memories of him from school were that he was a nice kid with poor attendance.

Marco has just created an android app called Numbersnap. This very cool app is designed to automatically take someone's picture when they enter their phone number so that you can remember who they are. It also automatically sends them your number by text message. It is very cool and I was very impressed and exceptionally proud of Marco for his creation.

I am still stuck on Marco's attendance and it really made me think. Here we obviously had a student amazing potential who wasn't coming to school. If we had been teaching something that Marco found useful I'm sure he would have turned up to school a little more often. I last saw Marco six years ago and in that time the technology landscape has changed massively but we are still stuck with an education system that pays little more than lip service to the skills that students need to be taught in this new technology-rich environment. Marco has been successful in spite of the education we provided, not because of it. How do we develop an education system that promotes this success?

Here on Free Technology for Schools I do not normally promote paid for products but here I am not promoting a product, I am promoting Marco so if you have an android phone navigate to the Play store and check it out and see if we can get Marco into the top 10. 


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