Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Adopting a bring your own device policy

For cash strapped schools, a bring your own device (BYOD) policy if implemented correctly can greatly improve ICT provision and coverage with a minimal budget outlay. In some ways, it is a better preparation for the real world that students will inhabit. Although some swanky cafes suggest otherwise, we do not inhabit a world where everyone has a shiny new ipad. It is a good idea for schools to provide a mixed ecosystem that is more like what students will experience outside of school. Learning to share information across a range of devices is a necessary skill.
There are many issues with implementing a BYOD policy such as security and web filtering. In a discussion in my own school a colleague asked if adopting such a policy would be opening a pandora's box. My response was that students live in a world with pandora's box already open and school is the only place they come to where it is shut. I took his point however. The box probably does have to be shut.
I stumbled across this excellent video on Youtube. It is a little long but covers a lot of ground on how to effectively and securely implement BYOD.



jeffey60 says:

This is an area where the institution is slowly catching up to the reality of operational technology. This generation is connected already and not to use this knowledge is limiting the educational process. I also understand there needs to be limits, but how can a policy limit what is limitless?

Jonny says:

I guess like all policies, it is about schools covering their backs and setting up protocols for acceptable use.

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